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    The Steam-Tractors.com database is intended to aid restoration, research, education, scholarship, and the community of steam by listing all extant steam traction and portable engines. Engines listed are primarily agricultural machines, but the list includes logging, construction, and freighting engines. The focus is North America, but international listings are welcome.

    If you know of an engine that isn't listed, please help us by submitting it here. A printable form for collecting data is available here. Please only complete the items you know you have accurate information for.

    The database may be searched by any of the listed fields, or any combination of fields. Pull-down menus are available for many of the fields - using them will help ensure proper matching. Each search will list all records that match all criteria - no partial matches. Clicking on a match will show you that engine's data, and you can then scroll through the matches using the arrow buttons.

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