So, you've looked around the database, found some engines you'd like to know more about, but the owner's contact information isn't available. What now?

    If the owner of an engine has entered an email address, either public or private, the "Contact" button on the record page will be enabled. Clicking the button will allow you to send an email via to the owner. The email will include your own email address for the owner to reply to. No guarantee is made or implied that the owner will respond to your question, or that the email link is even valid. We will remove email links that are invalid as we become aware of them, but usually the only way we find out is by seeing a failed query's return notification.

    The same email system is available for contacting authors of various articles, if they have provided with an email address. As above, there is no guarantee of a reply.

    The email system works with public and private email addresses supplied by owners and authors. If no address is supplied, then the "Contact" button will not function. If the button is not active, please do not email us asking that we help you contact the person. Chances are, if the email system can't contact them, we can't either.

    Please note that the email system is intended only for person to person information requests. Attempting to use the email system to send impolite messages or unsolicited advertising will be regarded as a serious abuse of the system, and will pursue all available legal and technological means to remedy the situation. If you have become the victim of such abuse, please contact us here.

    If you have further questions about how to contact an engine owner or an author, please consult our privacy policy. If you still have questions, please contact us here.