is intended to help consolidate and distribute information about steam tractors, not steam tractor owners. To this end, we automatically shield information about individual tractor owners until such time as they expressly permit us to display it. Information that has been collected, such as location, email addresses, and phone numbers, but not released, will not be published or distributed in any way.

    We will make our best attempt at keeping accurate records of authorization, but if you are an engine owner, and you see information displayed that you would prefer not be shown, contact us here. Please include the record number of the database entry in the email.

    Information collected for the database is limited to owner's name, city/state/country, phone number, and email address. Street addresses are not collected. All information will be non-published until express permission is given to include the information in the record's page. Phone and public email addresses are optional, as the blind email system will allow users with questions to contact owners, without revealing the owner's personal data. The blind email system is active for owners whose information is shielded, however, if there is an email address entered with the record.

    If there is no email address entered, public or private, has no way of linking the blind email system to the engine's record, and thus no way consistent with our philosophy that would allow users to contact the owner of an engine. If the "Contact" button is not active for a record, please do not contact us asking that we give out a person's location, etc. We will not do so, nor do we keep any secret files of email addresses. If you can't contact the person via the blind email, most likely we can't reach them either.

    The location of the engine, however, we are not currently shielding. The location of the engine is of some value, as it allows data collectors to determine if an engine is already logged into the database, and for users to determine what parts of the country what makes and models seem to be more common. It is our position that listing a city and state, without a street address, is not enough information to create a security problem, for either individuals or artifacts. Also, we accept both home storage location and home show location as being valid for the engine's location, so there is some randomness built into the accuracy of the engine's location. If you have serious issues with the publication of your engine's location, contact us here. will NEVER sell its mailing list to third parties for any purpose. does reserve the right to use all contact information in its possession to publicize website updates and events of general interest. If you are not interested in receiving such updates, or questions regarding your engine, do not include your contact information in your engine's database record. If you wish to remove or change your contact information, contact us here. Please include the record number of the database entry in the email.

    A blind email system is in place for users to ask questions of owners and authors, with questions being routed through "". The email system works for any record for which a private or public email address is entered in the database record, or any article with which the author provides an address. It is then the owner's or author's choice to respond to the question, using the return address given in the query email. does not and cannot provide any protection after the initial query, so reply to queries at your own risk.

    Please note that the email system is intended only for person to person information requests. Attempting to use the email system to send impolite messages or unsolicited advertising will be regarded as a serious abuse of the system, and will pursue all available legal and technological means to remedy the situation. If you have become the victim of such abuse, please contact us here.